I’m Alvin Messam I am the owner of Dedicate Hypnotherapy and the Director of Dedicate Health and Fitness Ltd.

I launched Dedicate Health and Fitness Ltd in 2012 with the primary aim to help people change their lifestyle, improve their fitness and lose weight. However, I realised that after my clients reached their weight loss goals, within a year some of them had put the weight back on. After reading a book about NLP and Hypnotherapy I realised that these two approaches to mindset and lifestyle were the missing links to long-lasting fat loss results.

After qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner I have witness an amazing change in so many people. Not only have Ii helped people smash their fat loss goals, I have also helped people stop smoking, reduce anxiety and increase their confidence. Dedicate Hypnotherapy was born!

I am a member of GHR (General Hypnotharapy Register) , GHSC, (The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council) and the ANLP (Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming)