Fat Loss

As a qualified personal trainer and lifestyle specialist I can offer an exclusive package to our fat loss clients.

I will not only provide hypnotherapy sessions to tackle your craving and eating habits but we will also provide free meal plans, free recipe books and you can even attend group personal training sessions for a month absolutely free. No other, personal trainer, hypnotherapist or nutritionist can offer a service as extensive as this.

The key to long-lasting fat loss is to naturally maintain a negative energy balance using healthy eating and exercise and cutting out unhealthy processed food. However, this cannot be achieved without the right mindset.

Our NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming)  and Hypnotherapy sessions will help you achieve the correct mindset and build a sensible relationship with food.  The free recipe books and menus will also help create a realistic structure to your meal plans. The free group personal training sessions will not only help you lose body fat and gain fitness, but you will be having  fun sessions with likeminded people who are also striving to achieve long term fat loss and healthy lifestyles.
So, if you are ready to create a new slimmer, fitter, more confident, healthier versions of yourself please contact me.

Stop Smoking

If you are ready to prolong your life by giving up smoking, I may have the answer that you are looking for.

When most people think of smoking they may only think about nicotine and tar. They don’t realise that they are literally poisoning themselves with arsenic and cyanide with every cigarette that they smoke.

I am  are here to help you become a non- smoker. The session takes approximately 90 minutes and only costs £140.00 with a free follow-up session if needed.

If you are serious about giving up smoking please contact us as soon as possible.

Anxiety, Stress & Confidence

If you would like feel that you can cope with any situation or even  feel like you can take on the world there is nothing stopping you. It is important to realise that every negative thought about yourself or the world, around you can be turned into a positive.

Furthermore, you can  use the stimuli that seem to be dragging you down to propel you forward, helping you succeed in any area of your life that you desire.

Don’t let anxiety, stress or lack of confidence stop you from achieving everything that you deserve.

For more information please contact Alvin on 07503 029 13.